What is the Soul?

The Brahman is the Atman, the Atman is the Soul,
Said the big Sankara after long and hard meditation,
The Soul is the Spirit, the Essence and the Self (I),
That is living in all the living and the non-living alike.

The Soul is the eternal, the incorporeal and immortal,
With intuition, wisdom, intelligence and cognition,
It is the consciousness in all the sentient and insentient beings
Including the humans, plants, animals, demons and the gods.

The Soul is nothing but the hidden ghost in the machine,
With no form, movement, and location in Time and Space,
It is the quantum computer with our personal identity,
That guides our mind, brain, perception and knowledge.

Descartes was the first who declared to the world,
That he found the seat of the Soul in the pineal gland,
Alas! Science has found nothing else but the hormones,
With 21 grams of nothingness in it to account for.

The Soul may be reincarnated following its Karmic cycle,
To make it purer and purer to the end of Nirvana,
Man will go on for soul searching years and years to come,
Till find the illusive ‘Atman’ in the contents of our body and mind.

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