An Interview with Ronald Aronson


Ronald Aronson is the author of Living Without God New Directions for Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists and the Undecided. Ronald Aronson is Distinguished Professor of the History of Ideas at Wayne State University and the author or editor of nine books, including Camus & Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It, After Marxism, and “Stay out of Politics!” A Philosopher Views South Africa. He has published articles in The Nation, Bookforum, The Yale Review, The Chronicle … Read on…

After the Election – 2004


(click on thumbnail for larger image) Charlotte’s Description: This painting symbolically elucidates my deeply felt sadness at the results of the 2004 election and the profound implications that the religious right had on the process. About Charlotte Carney: Charlotte is a ‘secular humanist’ /Artist from the shores of New Jersey who finds great joy in her non religious lifestyle.


Scream by Charlotte Carney

Scream, a painting by Charlotte Carney Click the graphic for a larger version. The Artists Description: The “Scream” was my reaction to the religiosity that is so pervasive in our lives. Through color and symbolism I tried to convey intense feelings of frustration and anger and to indicate the danger of the intent of the intruder. About the artist: Charlotte is a ‘secular humanist’ /Artist from the shores of New Jersey who finds great joy in her non religious lifestyle.

The Influence of Piety: Same-Sex Marriage

Nearly forty-five years after federal civil rights legislation was passed, the idea of treating people equally under the law is hardly controversial. However, sexual-oriented minorities have faced constant opposition from government officials and the people who elect and support them. Gays and Lesbians have been, and continue to be, legislated against and demonized. One may wonder why the United States lags so far behind other liberal western democracies when it comes to protecting its citizens. The answer is no doubt … Read on…

An Interview with Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson has been an activist for American Atheists (AA) since 1978. In addition to having served on the AA Board of Directors, she was also the New Jersey representative for ten years. Currently, she is the President of AA. She considers herself “one of the fortunate few who grew up in an Atheist home.” She is raising her two children in an Atheist environment. American Atheists is an organization dedicated to securing the civil liberties of Atheists and the … Read on…

An Interview with Lori Lipman Brown

Celebrating Her Second Anniversary As Director of the Secular Coalition for America Lori Lipman Brown is a former Nevada State Senator, private practice lawyer and law professor. Her legislative record in the arenas of public education, mental health care and the repeal of consensual sex crimes resulted in her being named Civil Libertarian of the Year by the Southern Nevada chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and Legislator of the Year by the Nevada chapter of the National Association … Read on…