Literary Quotes By Atheists

The following pages contain quotes from famous people, most of them men and women of letters, all of which beautifully refute religion in a memorable, concise manner.

Authors A to B, including Douglas Adams, John Adams, Steve Allen, Isaac Asimov, Dan Barker, Ambrose Bierce, Napoleon Bonaparte, Daniel J. Boorstin, Pearl S Buck, and Charles Bukowski.

Authors C to D, including George Carlin, Noam Chomsky, Arthur C. Clarke, Clarence Darrow, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, John Dewey, Annie Dillard, and Frederick Douglass.

Authors E to F, including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Harlan Ellison, Epicurus, Richard Feynman and Sigmund Freud.

Authors G to H, including Galileo Galilei, Ghandi, Emma Goldman, Barry Goldwater, Stephen J. Gould, Graham Green, D. Dale Gulledge, Judith Hayes, Robert A. Helinlein, Don Hirschberg, Christopher Hutchins, Eric Hoffer, and Aldous Huxley.

Authors I to J, including Robert G. Ingersoll, William James, Thomas Jefferson, Sonia Johnson, and Michael W. Jones.

Authors K to M, including Anne LaMott, D.H. Lawrence, Richard Lederer, Andrew Lias, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, Bill Maher, Karl Marx, Dennis McKinsey, Aimee Semple McPherson, H. L. Mencken, Donald Morgan, and Madalyn Murray (O’Hair.)

Authors N to R, including Friedrich Nietzche, Anais Nin, George Orwell, Thomas Paine, Emo Phillips, Edgar Allen Poe, Ezra Pound, Paula Poundstone, Stephen Roberts, and Bertrand Russell.

Authors S to T, including Carl Sagan, Jean-Paul Sartre, George Bernard Shaw, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jonathan Swift, Leo Tolstoy, Desmond M. Tutu, and Mark Twain.

Authors U to Z, including John Updike, Voltaire, Jane Wagner, Steven Weinberg, Rebecca West, Alfred North Whitehead, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Russell Ybarra, Frank Zappa, and Frank Zindler.

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