Our intent is to expose people to the positive aspects of Atheism, Humanism, and Agnosticism through various types of the written and visual arts, and at the same time give exposure via the Web to non-religious writers who may have a hard time finding an audience elsewhere. While we hope to publish a wide spectrum of authors, seasoned and new, we also have editorial standards and high expectations. We will, however, work with potential authors, helping with editing and giving constructive criticism, with the hope of building a community of writers and readers.


All of us together—the writers, the editors, and the readers—can benefit by a positive approach to writing that concerns nontheism. We firmly believe that there is nothing to be gained either by screaming at people who disagree with us or making fun of them.  Nor do we expect to convert sincere theists to our point-of-view!  But we can let people see what non-confrontational atheists are like. We can try creating literature that is appealing, inventive, and lyrical, and let it speak for us.


Marilyn and Michael



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