Pascal’s wager against Theists

A lot of theists talk about Pascal’s wager, “if you (atheists) are wrong you will suffer for all eternity, but if we (theists) are wrong we would have lost nothing.”

This is an example how illogical your thinking is. You are so obsessed with god that you can’t even think straight when it comes to religious matters.

And what I find pathetic is there are a lot of people who follow a religion just because of this. If you choose a religion just to be on the safe side, it just means you are too afraid. It does not mean you believe in god, you are just pretending to believe so that you can go to a supposed heaven, when you are not even sure of its existence.

Now back to the wager, what if atheists are wrong? Okay if we are wrong, we will burn in hell and suffer and all that. But since we don’t believe in hell, we are not worried so much.

BUT what if theists are wrong? If there is no god, you have spent your ONLY  life believing in a lie and trying to convince people of your lies.Moreover, If you are a preacher or a priest or have a job/career in a religious field,  you have spent your ONLY life doing absolutely nothing but talk shit to people. You have wasted your life telling lies to people and doing ridiculous things for something that is not even there. You have wasted the one and only life you will ever have, and you still say if I’m wrong I have lost nothing.

You have lost everything. There is no afterlife or heaven or hell, you just die, end of. And all you did in your life was believe in a big lie, lie to people about a god, pray (for nothing) when you could have actually been helping, do a lot of ridiculous religious things and after you die all you did was for nothing. The only life you will ever have is gone. You will not get the chance to live again.

So, next time when you(theists) argue with an atheist, you should think twice about using the pascal wager in your defence.

And if you are one of those people who follow a religion just because of this wager, maybe you should rethink your beliefs. Don’t just blindly follow a religion because of fear, that is really sad even from a religious point of view.

Also, who is to say that the religion you follow is the right one. Suppose you are a Christian. Why are you not a Hindu or a Muslim or a Jew? What if you religion is false and another religion turns out to be correct, you will go to a hell anyway. For a Muslim point of view, all Christians, Hindus and so on are all atheist and the same applies to all the other religions. So Pascal’s wager is always against you.there is always a possibility that you could be wrong, unless you believe in all the religions of the world.


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  1. And if there were a God, even the God of Abraham, lets say, surely that God is bigger than requiring empty ritual and ridiculous worship. If there were some kind of judgement after death before this God, surely He is going to approve of those who used the brain he gave us and our capacity for reason and critical thinking over the silly faith-heads who followed self-serving religious prophets who claimed to “know” God and His will when He well knows they did not.

    If there is some reason for the existence of the universe —for all this stuff— I am absolutely sure the answer is totally unconnected to any “religion”—to any religion’s God. Why would it be?

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