History: Science, Religion and Atheism

Throughout history science has come up with new theories and supported it with conclusive evidences. When people believed that the earth was flat and the earth was the centre of the universe, science disagreed, with evidence, but the general public were too scared to support those ideas, as the power of religion was greater then. Whoever disagreed with the religious beliefs and the belief in God was labelled as a blasphemer and assumed as trying to attack religion and was put through terrible punishments. Copernicus and Galileo are some of the few that suffered at the hands of the Church for trying to find and tell the truth. Galileo supported the idea proposed by Nicolas Copernicus that the earth revolved round the sun and not the other way around and as a result of his beliefs, he was sentenced to a house arrest for the rest of his life.

Science has progressed a lot since the beginning of civilization but on the other hand religion has almost been the same, the same beliefs in a supposed higher power that you cannot see or feel or hear, but you assume it is there. Gradually, science brought up new ideas and truths to light and religion kept on adapting and changing according to it. The truth about the shape of the earth, the position of the earth in the universe, force, gravity, and the stars and constellations and so on.

As science continued answering the questions about life and the universe and its creation many people started to think for themselves and they wanted proof but religion cannot offer that. This is why the number of atheists is increasing all around the world.

Whenever a conversation about the creation of the universe appears and science tries to explain it, religion poses the question ‘and what happened before that? ’ This question is still the same as it was but the answer is changing every time.

Let us go back to when we had just started asking questions, when we did not know how life came into being, how the earth was formed. People just assumed there must be a higher power that created these things because no other explanation seemed to be authentic. But as civilization progressed, research and studies showed that the earth was indeed formed by accretion from the solar nebulae about 4.5 billion years ago. But then again’ religion said, ‘who created the nebulae? Where did the sun come from? It must have been a higher force’

Science again answered this question. But through generations no answer could ever satisfy the question. In the mid 1900s, the concept of the Big Bang Theory emerged, after much evidence and study this theory is now accepted by majority of the scientists and the general people. But the question is still following us. There are many theories and hypothesis about the time before the big bang like the M-theory but it is still not that conclusive so as to be accepted by everyone. So, right now, the answer to that question can only go as far as the big bang theory. But we did not reach where are in are, in a short time. It has taken many brilliant minds hundreds of years to find out what we now know.

Now the same question can be posed to the many religions. When people say a god does exist, it must mean that he physically exists. And if there is a physical god, he must be made up of some kind material or particle like everything else. Maybe it is a supernatural particle we do not know about, but physical still. So where did that come from? It had to come from somewhere. How was god created in the first place? Yes he is supposed to be powerful and the ultimate force but where did that come from?

If you say that the Big bang occurring from a singularity seems so ridiculous than the same must apply to the heavenly creator.

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