the incredible egg of nothingness

here we are
from amoeba to mankind
every living thing on earth
sparked into life
by some undeniable
mathematical equation
the magical trick
that extricates
order from disorder
that causes to grow
the chaotic foetus
of stardust and nuclear waste
to develop by chance
and circumstance
the prodigy of evolution
millions of little miracles
all hatched from
the incredible egg of nothingness

About Bill Sargeant

My name is Bill Sargeant, i am 51, live in Rhyl, North Wales but originate from London. I am currently writing a philosophical work of non-fiction entitled, The Sins of God. I am an atheist and in this book argue that if God exists then God must be inherently evil. I have written a novel, a dark humoured parody of life in a remote christian village in Snowdonia, am currently writing a second work of fiction, as well as a series of short stories, which explore my atheistic philosophical beliefs as central themes. Also i have written a couple of collections of poetry.


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