The State of the Eloquent Atheist

Curiosity got the better of me yesterday and I looked to see how this little web site was doing. The answer both surprised and impressed me. In our short life, we have had 214,039 visitors to our site. I’ll keep track and let you all know when we get to a quarter million.

Those visitors have dialed up 362,375 pages, which is a whopping big number of pages. Such numbers always make me feel quite small, and this one surely does. This little secular literary oasis that we have created has even more drawing power than I hoped it did.

It is also interesting that our visitors have spent the equivalent of about half a year reading the things that our authors have written, which is to say almost 16 million seconds. We are not writing in the void for no one. We seem to have found an audience. Perhaps we are a part of the secular awakening of America, which would be a good thing.

Even better, the number of pages that readers are reading during each visit has risen 20 percent during the VERY brief time that we have been back on the air. Finally, be aware that each visitor is spending almost twice as much time on the site since our return to publication. Our numbers are rising on a very steady basis, going up a little every week, a little more every month.

The writers who have submitted poetry, prose, and visual art to the Eloquent Atheist have every reason to be proud. In our own quiet way, we are becoming part of something much larger: the rebirth of a secular consciousness in America. Each of us shares part of the credit for that and each of us should be proud. I know that we are very proud of, and very impressed with, every one of you.

About Michael W. Jones

Michael has been an Atheist since an epiphany in a Baptist church at age 12, was a Unitarian until they became a christian denomination, spent most of his life developing software, and is now earning almost no living at all as a writer. :) He lives in Williams Township, PA and is contemplating what's next after Tucker the Weird Dawg. Michael is a co-founder and the managing editor of The Eloquent Atheist on-line magazine.

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