What is GOD? (1 of 3)

GOD is an ideal concoct,
The Force, the Power, the Almighty,
The Big Brother, the king of the kings,
The white bearded guy living in the sky.

The greatest Force was given,
Different names from the cavemen time,
Father, Jehovah, Christ, Allah, Mother Mary,
Brahman, Buddha, Krishna and countless others.

Man put on the greatest power,
The greatest praises they could think of,
The greatest strengths, the mightiest of the mighty,
The kindest, the purest, and the truest to the core.

Alas! All those virtues are all human,
Purified, sublimed, quantized and magnified,
An Ideal, a perfection, nothing missing to add on,
The most Godly human they could think of.

That ultimate Force is nothing but the Nature itself,
With all its limitless power and grandeur to count,
With all its never ending limit of the Cosmos,
From the infinitesimal micro to the infinite Macro level.

God is nothing but the Nature as a whole,
Personified as a human with humanity at best,
Loves, hates, rewards, punishes like humans
Helps the needy, helpless, crying for his help.

Man made God in their own image (humane),
Not-God made man in His own image(inhuman),
Buddha is Indian in India, Japanese in Japan,
Christ is white in USA, black in Africa.

Man needs helps, mentally and physically
With all the perils of Nature all around,
Man needs helps from mightiest Force
To save them from the micro to the macro evils.

Prayers to God are nothing but cries for help,
Helps needed by mind and body to survive,
Almost everyone needs helps all the time,
That needed creation of a Superhuman Power.

The Nature possess all the best qualities of God,
Not personified of course, but as a Natural Force,
Does help humans all the time it can and do,
Though in its own way, not as imagined by man.

God is the Nature, the Nature is God,
Science reveals this truth day-by-day,
Personification is human Belief and Faith,
Built from the fear of death and self protection.

To believe in God or not to believe in God,
Is all up to you and your own intellect,
Knowing and searching deep into the Nature,
Will reveal the truth as time progresses onward!

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