Shameless Web Site Pandering

Those of you who have read my posts here and elsewhere will know that I miss the Freethinking Unitarian church that I joined in the 60s and which the parent organization has tried to turn into just another christian denomination over the past twenty or so years. I have other Web sites that are dedicated, in part, to reversing that catastrophe.

Now, along with a few others who feel the same way, a new think tank has been formed to try to correct what we see as a grievous wrong. We are not alone in this; other groups are also applying pressure from other angles and viewpoints.

If you support Humanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, and other free-thought philosophies, we would all appreciate it if you would stop by the UU Humanist Symposium as a show of virtual hands. We are collecting hard information as quickly as we can to show how these UUA changes have not only hurt Humanism, but have also eroded the membership of the UUA.

Thank you!

[ Michael ]

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