Truth Found & Eternity Night

Truth Found

Truth found
Beyond the sun
Below heaven
She floats
Teasing the seekers

Truth found
Below the ground
Above hell
She roots herself
Teasing the sinners

Aim for the heavens or for hell
Your choice
You will never find her
Until your time is done
and then it will be too late

Eternity Night

I hold you
Inside the spectrum of your soul
Trust that you won’t leave
From now until eternity
Stuck together
Like the endless lazar flashing
Time still lasting inside the spectrum

In the other room
I cough red blood
Red like a devil sign
Stopping me in my tracks
When all I want to do
Is go go go with you
Into the eternity night

About Billy Harfosh

Billy Harfosh currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is originally from Syracuse, New York. Billy was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war. He was adopted when he was 2 months old and moved to the United States. For the last year Billy has been writing in Southeast Asia. He continues to learn and grow from his surroundings. You can find his latest work published in Ardent! Poetry Journal and Bewildering Stories Magazine. He is currently working on his first collection of poems. Billy has no children no responsibilities and 1 suitcase, he hopes to keep it that way. Please email with any questions or comments.

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