King Of Kings

Thoughts on Good Friday as I sat before my TV set

I saw him crucified
But only on-screen

Even so
although I’m no believer
I wept

Why did I?
No answer to that except
it may have

something to do
with the heart
or the nerves

Nothing to do
with the soul or the mind
you understand

Call it guilt
Call it superstition
Call it need unfulfilled

Call it despair for
without faith (they say) no hope
Without hope no charity

Without charity
a death
of the soul . . .

Without soul
what is there
but despair?

No way!
Start again . . .

About Isabela Gonzalez

I was born in Milan Italy of a Filipino/Spanish mother and a Polish father, both professional opera singers in the 1920s in Europe. Most of my childhood was spent in the care of strangers. After some years in a Catholic convent I became an Atheist at the age of 15 when a Belgian priest preached on God's infinite mercy, at the same time threatening us with eternal hellfire should we misbehave. It was at this point that I began writing poetry. At age 20 I won all singing contests entered,and a singing career in light entertainment was launched. On retiring from 'showbusiness, I taught classical piano , prepared pupils for the ABRSM exams but all the while writing poetry and getting a few published in between. I have also completed a 'novelized' biography of my mother's extraordinary career as the greatest Madam Butterfly of her time in Europe and the world. Her name was Isang Tapales.

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