About Isabela Gonzalez

I was born in Milan Italy of a Filipino/Spanish mother and a Polish father, both professional opera singers in the 1920s in Europe. Most of my childhood was spent in the care of strangers. After some years in a Catholic convent I became an Atheist at the age of 15 when a Belgian priest preached on God's infinite mercy, at the same time threatening us with eternal hellfire should we misbehave. It was at this point that I began writing poetry. At age 20 I won all singing contests entered,and a singing career in light entertainment was launched. On retiring from 'showbusiness, I taught classical piano , prepared pupils for the ABRSM exams but all the while writing poetry and getting a few published in between. I have also completed a 'novelized' biography of my mother's extraordinary career as the greatest Madam Butterfly of her time in Europe and the world. Her name was Isang Tapales.