Fear of Science

Gene pools interned,
mutations stamped alien.

Chromosomes perfected
along posterity’s belt.

Our species replenished
flawless, unblemished.

Long ago we offered our children –
kindling of wood, blade sharpened
under a patriarchal sun.

Fearless now, Gods of science
climb twisted ladders of DNA;
measure time on molecular clocks;
transcribe the blueprint of our genes;

embed in the womb
mother lodes of gold.

What shape will take
if diversity makes no dent
and we choose, instead,
to invent
our own waking form?

About Carol Lipszyc

Carol Lipszyc is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh teaching Creative Writing and English teacher education. Her book of poetry, Singing Me Home, was published by Inanna in November, 2010. Her poem "In Mild Praise of Fractions" was recently published in Room, Vancouver B.C. Educational articles have been published internationally, and her ESL/Literacy reader, People Express, was published by Oxford University Press.

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