A Visit With Mother


The ocean is a high contact sport. Expect to wrestle a wave.
Expect to be tackled, lifted up, tossed aside.
Waves sprint and jockey each other to the shore.
Cresting, they swap twelve-foot high fives.

Boys play tag with icy waves. Their cries of surprise
compete with seagulls. A toddler in pink totters toward
starlings holding their convention on the sand.
Her face beams as she waves to each bird. 

You scuffle across dry sand and it pedicures your toes.
The wind is a penetrating caress.
It scrubs your face as its chill bleaches your mind.
Your eyes sting and weep in the salt air.

You do not come to the beach for tranquility and silence.
You do not come here for shelter.
You come to absorb ancient energy.
You come to feel the rhythm of waves in your blood.

You come to swing on the tidal pendulum.
You come to submit to the scrutiny of the baldly shining sun.
You come to gaze at the horizon melting into thousands
of miles of nothingness and possibility.

You come to release your illusions.

About Kathryn Harper

Kathryn Harper is a Renaissance woman; she has worked as a librarian, psychotherapist, and community advocate. She grew up in the snow belt of Syracuse, New York, and headed to Austin, Texas, in 1994 for the sunshine, job opportunities, and barbeque. In 2004 she moved further west to the scenic and culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area. Kathryn is also a self-taught artist, poet, and an omnivorous, voracious reader. Believing passionately in the innate creativity of all humans, she dedicates her life to igniting curiosity, promoting creative and critical thinking, and inspiring enthusiasm for lifetime learning. Kathryn lives in Santa Clara, California, with her family.


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