A Poem Plus Two

I Had a Crazy Idea
By Jay R. Strisik

Fantastical thoughts come to me,
Drinking coffee at Starbucks,
But I never tell anyone, only you,
For fear of being put away.

I thought about a world with no borders,
Nations retired as historical relics.
Only bronze signs remain,
To mark former check points. 

One religion for all,
Or none,
An end to beliefs
Warring against each other.
The new religion embraces
No religion as the one
True one.

Open up gated living,
Organizations that separate us,
Until we become blind to differences,
In the rapture of peoplehood.

Where Will I Be?
By Jay R. Strisik

Where will I be,


Sublime heaven?

No cares, no illnesses.

Clamorous, messy, human follies

Stilled. An endless vacation.

Sedated, failures forgotten.

But some imagine another

Afterworld. Pain, searing heat,

Punishment exquisite.

Two extremes. No one has seen them.

Allegories to restrain the living?

I believe life enjoys reruns.

I need no eternal retirement village,

Nor deserve endless fires.

I will be back in some life form,

Though I won’t remember me.

By Jay R. Strisik

What manner of men are these?

Cousins to our own Pilgrims,

Who braved months at sea

To find freedom,

Self-determination, a better life.

What manner of men are these?

Crossing deserts, facing death

By thirst, by predators

Both human and animal,

To escape poverty and tyranny

And longing for a homestead.

What manner of men are these?

Men America needs to renew herself.

About Jay R. Strisik

Born in Brooklyn 83 years ago (but people say I look weeks younger). I am one of those lucky older Earthlings who retains most of my physical and mental abilities, at least for the rest of the month. I started writing in high school, stopped and started many times. I have completed about five or six book length novels and non-fiction. The last few years I have also written about seventy poems, and about thirty-five short stories. I self-publish for my friends who then become enemies. I credit my current burst of activity to the East Valley Writers Group, we meet Sunday nights at Borders in Mesa I have published a few short stories in obscure places.. My undergraduate life was at New York University, interrupted by WWII (the world is often rude). I spent four years in the Air Force then back to college at Ramapo, finally mastering in Social Work at Columbia University. I worked for over twenty years in the family business, a rope and twine distributor, then into social work. My degree is in industrial social work and I have lectured to several thousand folks on job finding techniques. My wife Georgia lets me live with her in Gilbert, AZ. We have two married children and three grands. We attend meetings of the humanists from time to time, but are not into organized anything. This is too long and keeping me from my computer.....bye.

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