Eloquent Engineer Garners Award

Our very own Chuck Lesher, the author of our Eloquent Engineer series, has been honored with a Best of the Moon Fiction Award for 2007. The winning work was Chuck’s novel Evolution’s Child. The following links will give you the full story:

The Awards

The Book

We are as proud as we can be of Chuck. He is an excellent writer and futurist whose works will continue to entertain and enlighten us well into the future he predicts so accurately.

Here is an excerpt from the award itself:

…All of the books were fun reads as part of the Lunar Library Moon Fiction review project. “Moon Quake” is published as part of Apogee Books ‘Science Faction’ series of books, and would be considered the hardest science of the works, in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke. “Moon Blog” is rather contemporary, but then so is “Evolution’s Child”. Ultimately, I’d have to say that “Evolution’s Child” is the most fully developed from a number of perspectives, from philosophical to a not unbelievable future technological society. So while it can be considered controversial, it is at least an explored and reasoned controversy, not a reactionary one. Evolution’s Child is the Best of the Moon Fiction of 2007.

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