After the Election – 2004


(click on thumbnail for larger image) Charlotte’s Description: This painting symbolically elucidates my deeply felt sadness at the results of the 2004 election and the profound implications that the religious right had on the process. About Charlotte Carney: Charlotte is a ‘secular humanist’ /Artist from the shores of New Jersey who finds great joy in her non religious lifestyle.

Darwin Took Steps


(Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.) . Glendon named this Darwin Took Steps. Size: 8″x11″, Oil on canvas paper. Assigning a number to any amount of steps would be arbitrary, but I chose 5 for a reason. Four for the support of evolution by natural selection (Darwin drew upon examples of 1. biogeography, 2. morphology, 3. embryology, and 4. palaeontology), and the fifth step for natural selection itself, or the elevation of reason over dogma, as the viewer … Read on…


Scream by Charlotte Carney

Scream, a painting by Charlotte Carney Click the graphic for a larger version. The Artists Description: The “Scream” was my reaction to the religiosity that is so pervasive in our lives. Through color and symbolism I tried to convey intense feelings of frustration and anger and to indicate the danger of the intent of the intruder. About the artist: Charlotte is a ‘secular humanist’ /Artist from the shores of New Jersey who finds great joy in her non religious lifestyle.

Photos From A Shuttle Launch

Regular contributor of poetry Harvey Madison had an opportunity to be up close and personal at a Space Shuttle Launch. Harvey was kind enough to share those with us and some of them are presented below. You can find more (and larger) photos on Harvey’s web site. You can click on the images below to see a larger version of the photos. Harvey had press credentials (and a lot of talent) and was thus able to get close enough to … Read on…



Tonight marks our first-ever visual-arts item. It is a painting named Symbiosis from Glendon Mellow. More about Glendon can be found at his blog  and at his page on Deviant Art. Click on the representation of the painting below for a much larger image. Symbiosis: Oil on canvas.  An image of shared mortality, seldom recognised. The tardigrade floats free in its relationship to macroorganisms, the human bound to its symbiotic relationship with his digestive microorganisms.  A beautiful and sad relationship, … Read on…