Darwin Took Steps


(Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.) . Glendon named this Darwin Took Steps. Size: 8″x11″, Oil on canvas paper. Assigning a number to any amount of steps would be arbitrary, but I chose 5 for a reason. Four for the support of evolution by natural selection (Darwin drew upon examples of 1. biogeography, 2. morphology, 3. embryology, and 4. palaeontology), and the fifth step for natural selection itself, or the elevation of reason over dogma, as the viewer … Read on…

Darwin Day Poster and Handout


You have to love the people that put together Darwin Day. Click on the thumbnail at the left for a bigger version. You’ll love it! There is more humor and meaning packed into that simple poster than you will find in most full books! This is from a handout prepared by the Darwin Day Committee. Click here to see the entire handout.