About David Breeden

Rev. Dr. David Breeden is a poet and Unitarian Universalist minister.

Why Might That Be?

Why might that be That the universe Needs A local habitation And a name? Why might that be That all that is Needs A pet name and A personality? Why might that be That mystery Needs Turned to our ends? To our purposes? Why might that be That our Needs Demand a personality And a name? Why might that be That we Need Gods when all That is is?

Two Poems by David Breeden

Meditation, Not Fallen We are not angels fallen We are apes rising We are not descended To violence but Rising to peace We are not fallen We are not angels We are apes rising When we rise We are not fallen Except in choosing Not to rise . Meditation, God’s Name God is not God’s name Allah is not Allah’s name Yahweh is not Yahweh’s name Elohim is not Elohim’s name Brahman is not Brahman’s name Mazda is not Mazda’s … Read on…