Two Poems by David Breeden

Meditation, Not Fallen

We are not angels fallen
We are apes rising
We are not descended

To violence but
Rising to peace
We are not fallen

We are not angels
We are apes rising
When we rise

We are not fallen
Except in choosing
Not to rise


Meditation, God’s Name

God is not God’s name
Allah is not Allah’s name
Yahweh is not Yahweh’s name

Elohim is not Elohim’s name
Brahman is not Brahman’s name
Mazda is not Mazda’s name

Reason is not reason’s name
Truth is not truth’s name
Multitude is not multitude’s name

Names are not names
Naming is not naming
Naming names nothing


Two Poems by David Breeden — 1 Comment

  1. Love these two poems…incidentally, I processed your manuscript collection at SIU and have been a fan ever since. I “stumbled” on this page…what a happy coincidence. 🙂

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