Three poems by Jeremy Gadd

Symmachus the pagan appealed to the Emperor:
‘We look at the same stars; the sky belongs to all;
the same universe surrounds us.
Does one cannot arrive at so sublime a secret by only one road.’ Read on…

The Old Idol

Springtime, the final week of March, but shivering at the garden gate, its hinges frozen shut, I push open the heavy planks and fresh snow tumbles from pickets, lands softer than birds on the white backyard. Where summer roses climbed, now stretches a trellis of gray and cracked cedar, each crotch in its diamond pattern glassy with ice, as is the crisscrossed wooden niche,

Logic in the Gospels

A first look at Christendom is like a first peek into a kaleidoscope, a snowflake, or a magic-mirror lantern.  In fact, the World Christian Encyclopedia, 2001 edition, counts 33,830 Christian variants and sects, often divided on even the most basic tenets of belief.  More conservative counts suggest about 9000 groups1.  By contrast, Islam has about 20 sects or denominations, or maybe a few more, depending on how finely you tune your focus; Judaism perhaps 15; and Buddhism is in a … Read on…