About E. Shaun Russell

E. Shaun Russell is a musician, writer and formalist poet based in Vancouver, Canada. Much of his work in all three genres is grounded in secular humanism, which is a large part of why you will find his work on this site! His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in many journals including Whistling Shade, Main Street Rag, Contemporary Sonnet, The Deronda Review and The PEN among others.


How clever, he who thought to name a sin For many things to which we’re so inclined, Since after all, such things must be defined As devilish before we can begin To shed our natures like a serpent’s skin, And give our souls to God; but we’re designed To smile and nod and say that we don’t mind, While countless agonies recoil within. The faithful love to gluttonise their creed, While envying the ones who in their pride Can cast … Read on…



A Tuesday night it is, and all is still; The parson, newly hired, reviews the work Much needed in the church where rodents lurk And drop their filth with sacrilegious skill; Disheartened by neglect, he steels his will Against his knee-jerk instincts with a smirk– Despite his qualms, he knows he cannot shirk The charge for which he’s destined to fulfill. With contemplative gait, he makes his way Towards the altar, past the empty pews Where martyrs on a weeknight … Read on…