About E.M. Schorb

E.M. Schorb has published several collections of poetry. Time and Fevers is a 2007 recipient of an Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing. Another collection, Murderer's Day, was awarded the Verna Emery Poetry Prize and published by Purdue University Press. His poetry has appeared in: The Sewanee Review, Southwest Review, The Yale Review, The Chicago Review, Carolina Quarterly, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The American Scholar, Stand (England), and the New York Quarterly, among others. And, I’m happy to add, The Eloquent Atheist.



. . . Containing the Night Thoughts of a Sexagenarian It is this heavenly tale, that the child in one could wish for, that keeps me awake tonight, on the eve of my sixtieth year, fearing death and wishing for grace, not knowing what either is, or even if either is, though the unbreathing stillness of bodies has me fairly convinced of the former, and of the latter I have seen so little as to doubt what I have seen … Read on…


Pro Deo, contra ecclesia ………….Fidei Corticula Crux 1. THE CROSS These Crosses are quite various in kind: the ones the Romans punished with were wood, but others have been precious metals, shined by priests with polish, symbolizing good. There’s one which, on its side, looks like an X, and symbolizes Scotland’s Saint Andrew. Another stays the vampire with its hex, though many think that simply can’t be true. The Cross Impotens, with its crutch-like ends, stands for St. Philip and … Read on…