About Reed Stirling

Reed Stirling lives in Cowichan Bay, BC, and writes when not painting landscapes, or traveling, or taking coffee at Bo’s, a local café where metaphor and metaphysics clash daily. Recent work has appeared in a variety of publications including The Nashwaak Review, The Valley Voice, Senior Living, Island Writer, Out Of The Warm Land II and III, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, StepAway Magazine, and The Danforth Review.

Gravity, the god-gene, and Grace

My welfare in mind, Grace declares that coffee today at The Compass Café is out. She hands me Steven Hawking’s The Universe In A Nutshell, then quietly leaves the bedroom. Ten to the power of 36 is big. Just how big I cannot fathom under normal circumstances, let alone when in the grip of the flu. The same goes for a thousand light years across the spindrift of the cosmos. I sink into reverie. When the effects of medication wear … Read on…