About Robert H. Bunzel

Robert H. Bunzel was born in 1955, and lives in Piedmont, California. He is a practicing trial attorney in San Francisco, and 1978 graduate of Harvard College. His poems have appeared in local and national journals including Soundings East, Legal Studies Forum, Block’s Poetry Journal, Orphic Lute, Oxygen, Illya’s Honey, ZYZZYVA and Poet Magazine. He was president of the board of the literary tri-quarterly ZYZZYVA, “the last word in west coast writers and artists,” from 2002-2006.

Dog day Resurrection

When did world and weather shift, that we walk friends about in fur? On scrabbled coast where Jeffers pined and Mission clay soaked native blood, I am on Easter Sunday in the back pew of Wayfarers’ church, simpled green and white. Hear Father Norm bless all, as my blonde dog stretches under hymnals and the plate, with eyes forgiving human egoists who say God needs no pets in heaven. Norm sermons that life-firsters of today would eagerly pluck Jesus off … Read on…