About Landon Elswick

Landon Elswick is a retired Department of Defense Analyst/Engineer. He holds multiple college degrees – two Bachelor’s and three Master’s degrees. All of the degrees are in Engineering, Operations Research, Business or Defense Planning. This background has nothing to do with writing poetry. Although, working within the right-winged-Christian “Defense Analytical Community” generated enough internal frustration that it may take Landon the rest of his life to release it through his poetry writing. Landon is a “self-taught” poet. He has studied at least half a dozen poetry craft books and constantly reads the work of “great poets.” Landon also enjoys listening to CD’s of “great poets” reading their work. Landon is a member of The Poetry Society of Virginia and was recently awarded a first place prize by that group for a poem that he wrote. In addition to his poetic interests, Landon is a member of MENSA, the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), and the Washington Area Secular Humanists (WASH). He also enjoys working out at Gold’s Gym every day, is a ballroom dance enthusiast (Bronze Four level dancer) and achieved the Able Toastmaster Gold level in Toastmasters.

Preacher Man

Preacher Man slithers to town. Gonna solve problems that we never had – before. Gonna tell us ‘bout sins that we never did – before. He’s packin’ the pews and we’re payin’ big dues to hear his raunchy sermons. Descriptions so good and scenes so hot he leaves us dying to try it. He grins real big at sumptuous sin but tells us not to taste it. Oh, but the fruit so juicy and smells so sweet – seems a … Read on…