About Justin R. McManus

Justin R. McManus: I started writing when I was in high school. I actually first started writing because I played the guitar a little bit and had ideas of starting my own band in which case we would need our own songs. Well, I never started a band but I continued to write. I was on the quiet side (a little) and never really told anyone about my writing. I kept it a secret from family and friends. Over the years I have filled notebooks and numerous pieces of scrap paper with my thoughts and ideas. A few lines here and few more there. I am now 27 and work as a teacher and thought maybe it is about time that I start to compile my work and try submitting it places to see if anyone else likes it and can enjoy it. Most of the themes that I write about are love, lost love, feeling like you don't fit in, isolation, faith, religion, trying to find out who you are. I feel that most of my themes are universal to many people. I write as a way to try and put my thoughts and feelings down on paper to try and figure out this riddle we call life. There are a number of classic poets that I myself enjoy. Poets such as Poe, Langston Hughes, Wilde, Frost, Dickinson, Thomas. While I am an avid reader I try to write in my own style. I don't try to copy or rewrite what someone else has done. I try to find my own voice and say what I want, the way I want.

Only Human

Sometimes Gods turn mortal Sometimes they turn human Sometimes even Angles fall from heaven So don’t set your expectations too high Because you will only be let down What were you expecting from me? I’m only human God wants me to change Well, I’m not going to This is how I am I’m only human