About Joan Mazza

Joan Mazza -- author, poet, and speaker, has worked as a Florida licensed mental health counselor (psychotherapist), writing coach, certified sex therapist, and medical microbiologist. She has appeared on radio and TV as a dream specialist and offers personal growth and writing workshops. Her column on journaling dreams ran in Personal Journaling Magazine, published by Writer’s Digest Books. She grew up in NYC and is now a full-time poet in rural central Virginia. Literary agent: Lori Perkins.

Charles Speaks from His Deathbed

Trained in Anglican theology to be a country clergyman, I never endeavored to disturb beliefs held dear, even as my own faith wobbled among fossils. I served on Beagle’s voyage to grasp an opportunity— exploration any man craves in youth. Would I have traveled had I known the scorn to be poured on me? For the scientific truths revealed about life’s diversity, disparaged reputation and discomfort were worthy sacrifice. When I returned to England, I had enough to engage me … Read on…