About Elly Zupko

Elly Zupko is a writer living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goucher College, where she studied fiction writing under Madison Smartt Bell. Local and national publications have published her short stories, essays, and articles, and she is currently revising her first novel.

What It Means to Be Alone

As I’m sitting on the carpet stretching out my hamstrings, I’m nose-level with the litter box, and I can smell it needs changing. I just finished chasing my cat around the apartment. His pupils were dilated until they almost completely eclipsed his golden irises. Hiding under the bed now, he’s frightened witless. I often wonder if he sees me as a kind of god-like creature, sometimes loving, giving, providing. Sometimes the bearer of great incomprehensible wrath. Of course I would … Read on…