About David Niose

David Niose’s background includes experience in law and mass communication. A graduate of Boston University's School of Public Communication and Suffolk University Law School, he has practiced law in Massachusetts since 1990. He has also worked in print and broadcast media, taught both history and law, and written extensively on a wide array of social and political issues. As serves as chair of the American Humanist Assocation’s Media Committee, where has helped develop the AHA's media campaign, promoting Humanism in national media to build awareness and acceptance of the Humanist worldview.

The Demise of the Neans of Lipar


The esteemed professor, an expert on interstellar civilizations, is giving a public lecture about the area of her specialization. For years she has been studying the distant planet of Lipar, where intelligent life once existed but has been long extinct. Tonight she discusses some of her findings: Good evening. Almost half a billion years ago (435 million years ago to be more precise) the civilization of the Neans, a highly advanced species on the planet of Lipar, which orbits a … Read on…