About Dane Cervine

Over 100 of Dane Cervine's poems have appeared in various journals, including The Hudson Review, The Sun, and the Atlanta Review. Adrienne Rich chose Dane's poem The Jeweled Net of Indra as the winning entry in the 2005 National Writers Union competition, and his poem Holography for honorable mention. Dane's poem Accordions & Shotguns was chosen by Tony Hoagland as a finalist for the Wabash Prize for Poetry, and appeared in Purdue University's Sycamore Review (Winter/Spring 2005). Dane's new book The Jeweled Net of Indra was published in 2007 by Plain View Press. He is a member of the Emerald Street Writers in Santa Cruz, California, where he serves as Chief of Children's Mental Health for the county.

Which Way is Heaven?

. . . . . At breakfast, my nine year-old son says there are perfect versions of things beyond earth, like a circle, like us. I ask if he learned this at school, but he replies no. I was just thinking about it. Like Plato, I say, you’ve stumbled upon the world of Ideals—and he nods, continues eating his cereal. The morning more perfect, here, than any conjured heaven.