About Anna Tuttle Villegas

For thirty-three years, Anna Villegas has been a full-time English professor in California's Central Valley. Her published work includes three novels and many stories, essays, and poems. "Only in My Dreams" is a Bonnie and Lyle adventure from What Doesn't Kill You, a novel in progress.

Only in My Dreams

With his electric screwdriver, my big brother Lyle is tightening the hinges on the saggy composite doors beneath the sink in the kitchen of the minimalist apartment I rent from Barbi. One of Lyle’s cast-off high school love interests, my landlord harbors few ill feelings toward the person Lyle was twenty years ago. For me she has only sisterly affection, a lavish wardrobe of hand-me-down T-shirts, and expert haircuts strictly off the books. “I’m pretty sure,” I say, “that the … Read on…