Three poems by Jeremy Gadd

Symmachus the pagan appealed to the Emperor:
‘We look at the same stars; the sky belongs
to all; the same universe surrounds us. Does
it matter by which method each seeks the truth?
One cannot arrive at so sublime a secret by only one road. ’
Bishop Ambrose responded to the pagan’s appeal:
‘What you do not know, we know from the word of God;
what you seek, we have established as truth from the
very wisdom of God …Your ways do not agree with ours. ’
Within a decade Theodosius issued his edict to close
the temples saying: ‘Burn all books hostile to Christianity
lest they cause anger and scandalize the pious! ’
And, as black clad monks destroyed shrines and scrolls,
intolerance became ascendant, entrenched and holy.

‘Damn these Christians! My dilemma,’
declared Diocletion in 303 A.D.,
‘is how can any state continue to be tolerant of a minority
that condemns the tolerance of the State
for allowing religions other than that it practices?’

‘Damn these Moslems! My dilemma,’
confided the President in 2012 A.D.,
‘is how can any state continue to be tolerant …’

In the second century AD, the anti-Christian
Celsus claimed the mother of Jesus was
turned out of the bed by her carpenter husband
before giving birth to a bastard known as ben Panther.

Hence he was known as the son of Mary
not Joseph in the Talmud and noted as
‘father unknown’ in the Koran. The
Pharisees claimed he was ‘born of fornication’.

Now poor Panthera, the legionary
archer from Sidon, who served most of his
enlistment in Germay, is being blamed for the birth.
The flutes of Pan echo down the millennia.

About Jeremy Gadd

Jeremy Gadd has contributed articles, 50 short stories and 200 poems to literary magazines and periodicals in Australia, the UK, the USA, Germany and India including: Australia Mattoid Nation Review The Sydney Morning Herald Quadrant The Courier-Mail Blast Magazine Social Alternatives The West Australian Northern Perspective The Newcastle Herald Idiom 23° Famous Reporter Outrider Studio The Armidale Express Better Gardens & Home Ideas The Australian Eidolon The Western Review Single Life NSW School Magazine Wildlife News Four W Australian Writer USA Art Times Tucumcari Literary Review Aboriginal Science Fiction Prophetic Voices Mind Matters Review Conservative Review Dream International Quarterly Pirate Writings Paisley Moon Performing Arts Review Poetry Break Manna UK Iota Resurgence Poetry Wales Poetry Now Orbis Staple Dream Catcher Spokes The Swansea Review Poetry and Audience Together New Hope International Poetry Monthly Tears in the Fence GERMANY La Belle International AUSTRIA Poetry Salzburg INDIA Journal of Australian Literature NZ Poetry New Zealand His plays More Champagne and Realities have been professionally produced for the stage (More Champagne was also broadcast on radio by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and a third play, Camera Capers, was staged by the Balmain Village Players in Sydney. He has also written dialogue for a dance, LM514, performed by the Sydney Dance Company at the Opera House. Jeremy’s writing has won several literary awards, including the John Clemenger Advertising-Billy Blue Magazine Short Story Award; the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Ian Mudie Literary Award; second prize in the Maplecon 12 (Canada) 1991 International Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Competition and first prize in the inaugural Austcare and Refugee Council of Australia’s 1996 Short Story Competition. His poems and stories have appeared in anthologies, been read on radio (5UV Adelaide, 100.5FM, 2RES.FM, 2NBC.FM, SBS Sydney & 95.3 FM Central Coast) and he has presented seminars and poetry readings for organizations such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Tamworth Regional Library (in association with the annual Country and Western Festival). Holy Angels Publishing (Melbourne) published his novel Escaping the Triad in 1998 and Ginninderra Press (Canberra) published Country, a selection of eight of his previously published short stories, in 2007. Jeremy has worked in professional theatre in Australia and the UK. He holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Art degree from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Master of Arts with Honours and PhD degrees from the University of New England and is a Writing Fellow of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (NSW).

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