Our Father

Our father who art in revelations,

a crowd of unholy ghosts
suspended over unmarked graves
bouquets of lost souls misplaced
a broken armistice
like empty promises
and some commandments

who will speak thy name

alters of egos fed then deflated
like dreams deferred and dated

thy kingdom overcome

praying to false gods
offering chaos and coercion

thy will has come undone

“Our mother who art in the after-life,
forethoughts recited over confessions,
now I lay me down to drown
in holy water, save possession”

on mother earth as it is in the beginning…

baptisms in seas of blasphemy
bodies of water that embody half-truths
sons of old souls drenched in sin, ordained,

give us this day, a reprieve

herein lies a shadow of a man,
overcome by time and time again, restrained
wanting so much to believe

as we break bread like beats

“we are gathered here today
to dig for answers to untimely questions
six feet of secrets resurrected”

forgive us, the unforgiven…

About Rayna Momen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rayna Momen is a 34 year-old poet and sociologist currently residing in Morgantown, WV, where she was born and raised. She studied poetry and creative non-fiction at West Virginia University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with minors in English: Creative Writing and Women's Studies, before going on to complete a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. Although Ms. Momen has not published a chapbook of her work, her poem ‘Repercussions’ was published in the Shadows Ink Poetry Chapbook Series 2, Volume 6, and her poem ‘Frailty’ appeared in the February 2003 Fem-Zine published by the Female Equality Movement at WVU at that time. Ms. Momen has been writing poetry and haiku for many years, discovering her passion for the written word as a young child. Having been raised as a Baptist Christian with many unanswered questions and an aversion to blind faith, she began her search for a higher power. Memorizing and reciting the Lord’s Prayer was a rite of passage in early childhood. The following poem is a play on the prayer that unveils her insights on organized religion through personal observation and experience.

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