Eviscerated From the Fold

There’s a pestilential storm
Rising up in the ranks of humanity.
Xenophobic men who don’t know how to stand;
Fear and bigotry make them shout out
As they point their stubby fingers
And spurt their demonic lies –
The ones they believe –
They’re out to get us.
They’re taking our country.
Those weak men are misguided.
They’ve become devils to themselves
And con men to all.
They never had dreams,
Only slinked away when the rain came
And the pain set in.
And the great, passive men
Didn’t flinch or give an inch.
And wrapped the quagmire
The devilish men had strewn about,
And then eviscerated them from the fold.


Eviscerated From the Fold — 1 Comment

  1. “There’s a pestilential storm
    Rising up in the ranks of humanity.”

    It has always been there. –Maybe a little more now than a few years back, but always with us, always to be recognized, called-out, and countered.

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