Bigger Britches

Fill the clouds with pale red
Sow the sky with soot
Show me the starving dead
Fed by the angry gun.

Give the fools the empires
Crucify the non-believers
Let the girl be led to death
Holding the hands of those she loves

Why don’t you give it all a rest
Why don’t you seed the sky with colors
Why don’t you be the Father You once were
Why don’t You be a man and be our God?

About Timothy Black

Timothy Black’s first poetic novella, Connecticut Shade, is in its second printing through WSC Press. He teaches poetry at Wayne State College, and is a Cave Canem Fellow. He lives in Wakefield, Nebraska with his wife and two sons. Timothy’s work has appeared in the anthologies The Logan House Anthology of 21st Century American Poetry, The Great American Roadshow, and Words Like Rain. He has been published in The Platte Valley Review and at, has poems forthcoming in Breadcrumb Scabs, Clean Sheets and Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine and has won an Academy of American Poets prize for his poem Heavy Freight.

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