What is the purpose of life ?

Life is not the results of Adam and Eve’s faults,
And the punishment of God for their combined sins,
Life is not to follow the go forth and multiply order,
As the Christian Scriptures and Bible tell us to do.

Life is not only to repeat your Karmic cycle,
And just to make your soul purer and purer,
Life is not going from lower to the upper stage,
As the Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures tell us to do.

Life is not to take the birth and become a slave,
Just to follow the Alha’s Rules and fulfill his wishes,
Life is not only to serve and please Alha all the time,
`cause Alha will reward with the heaven or punish to hell.

Life is nobody’s business, not any God, religion or deity,
None of them created the life, even the scriptures tell us so.
Life did not start 6000 BC even as the Bible says so,
But started 13.4 billion years ago as the science proved it to all.

Life was created by evolution as the Natural history tell us so,
From species to species it grew up through land, water and sky.
Life evolved in the mid-cycle as the species branched up bigger,
From reptiles to apes that adapted to humanoid and then to human.

Adaptation makes a moth to a butterfly, duck to a pretty peacock,
So also a reptile to a ape, ape to a gorilla and gorilla to a full human,
Adaptation will take us to perfection, with a perfect body and mind,
A Natural wonder and the brightest jewel on the Nature’s crown.

The purpose of life, and the living of life are the same,
Growing up through pleasure and pains, ups and downs the hills of life,
Till we make us from a tiny bud to a perfect sweet pink rose,
A rose that excels in all its beauty, spreading perfumes to all around.

Nature’s purposes are embedded in the Nature’s processes,
As action shows the intent and the results-the full plan of anything,
We have to venture and delve deep into the Nature’s inner core, till
We discover all the Nature’s processes and the purpose of creating us.

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