Serf-ing USA

“Give me Liberty or give me Death!”
Reads the bumper sticker on Bobby’s f-250.
Ironically, as he drives to work at 6:30 am
he is oblivious to his own indentured servitude.

The supply side economists
have him convinced that
our government is the only
manifestation of authority
that he must contend with.

Their romanticization of
the private sector
has resulted in Bobby
dutifully slaving away
while he focuses
all of his anger
on the corrupt,

Unbeknownst to Bobby,
the company he works for
is a microcosmic monarchy,
a dynasty,
with a line of hereditary rulers.
The CEO is the first born son,
the prince, the despot,
who inherited the kingdom
company from his father.
Who in turn
inherited it from his father,
and along with the “company”
he inherited slaves workers
and territory real estate.

But poor Bobby is merely a vassal.
Poor Bobby has been duped,
and so he toils away
at the factory, singing
“Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

Using fear tactics,
they got Bobby’s vote
to deregulate businesses
and defund OSHA.
Now Bobby lifts 100 lb.
barrels of hydrochloric acid
for 5 bucks an hour,
“Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

After 25 years at the factory
Bobby now has emphysema,
back pain, and terminal cancer.
He can no longer speak,
but if he could, we know
that—like a parrot patriot—he would sing
“Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

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