Darwin vs. the True believers

“Blaspheme!” they vociferate,
in complete, unadulterated,
asinine unison.
Peddling red herrings
and burning straw men in effigy
with their stentorian voices
effectively silencing all dissent (of man)

“Evolution is untenable” they allege,
as they unabashedly, teach a creation story
in which eve was fashioned with a rib
taken from adam.

But I leave them alone,
and have no personal vendetta
against them or their god
(please disregard the lower case G)

Yeah, I leave them alone
like I leave the kid in a wheel chair alone,
even if he attempts to verbally bombard me.
because besieging those with disabilities
is not my style
no. . . I leave that to the insecure,
I leave that to you.

I wonder, where is the part of the brain
that facilitates believing in fairy tales,
instead of looking at facts.
What is it that makes people believe
without question,
and what is it that compels them to loath
the questioner.

What is it that causes people
to yield in absolute subservience.
To such a degree
that they would drink
cyanide-laced cool aid
if ordered to do so.

I have never quit a job
because the work was too hard.
It was the mental unity
exhibited by my coworkers,
it astounded and disgusted me.

Like pistons,
spark plugs,
they are play their role,
and its all for
the “greater good”
they are told.
So they dutifully,
to form a

And like white blood cells,
the white collars
are ready to swing into action
to terminate
and neutralize
any existing threats
to the harmony of the system

The individual
poses that threat.

The more I learn about the
human race,
the less I want to be a member. . .

I do not want to sign up
to join their clubs,
political parties,
AA meetings,
bible studies,
or writing circles.

And I cannot remember signing the
social contract,
regardless. . .
I want out of it too!

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