May God continue to shower His infinite blessings on us all.

The charade continues,
Between giggles, swaying hips,
Sips of fine wine,
Shucking down Oysters,
Tearing into prime cuts of meat.

And the 99% still have dry bread, water,
To be grateful for, and to hungrily eat.

The party never ceases,
Champagne kisses, grinding pelvic thrusts,
Creasing designer jeans, stepping on suede toes,
Nibbling on hors de oeuvres,
Puffing on Dunhill-tipped death.

And still, the 99% go naked, cold, desolate,
While fighting for each and every breath.

The mocking intensifies,
Clad in leather, sailing in gleaming chariots,
Twisting gold chains, reeking of Eau de apathy,
Making sure that the 2 and a half kids,
Have had their evening meal.

While the 99% beg, borrow, gag and retch,
Praising the benevolent God who closed this sordid deal.

I don’t give a fuck,
I don’t care at all.

If they weren’t so bloody lazy,
They too would be here with us,
Browsing silk scarves in our air-conditioned mall.

“Get a job, start small, work hard”,
The advice is well-meant drivel.

For God looks down, testing the weak,
And with His infinite grace,
He blesses the few,
As they continue their winning streak.

I am an infidel.
I don’t believe,

That the merciful God would let mercy,
Be watered down so that it simply flows,
Into the gutter like milk through a sieve.

I am an infidel, and I do not give a fuck,
As I stand blindly and idly and impotently,
While all you do is crack open yet another oyster,
And down your throat you shuck.

I am an infidel, and I goddamn God to hell,
Till He acknowledges the 99%.

His children that are many,
not merely a few,
Till He starts to give a flying-fuck too.

About Afzal Moolla

Afzal Moolla was born in Delhi, India while his parents were in exile, working as anti-Apartheid activists for the African National Congress.  Afzal subsequently travelled wherever his parent's work took them. He still feels that he hasn't stopped travelling.  Afzal currently works and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and shares his literary musings with his most strident critic - his 12 year old cat.


May God continue to shower His infinite blessings on us all. — 1 Comment

  1. This is a slightly different viewpoint, less philosophical and much more practical than many of our offerings. Mr. Moolla makes a wonderful case for the reality fostered in part by politics and in part by religion. We in the United States are aghast at the rate at which we are being marginalized; Mr. Moolla understands the true depths to which many of the 99% have been forced.

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