Before The Fell Eternal Night

eternal-night.jpegRejoice with me in little things
Which lend a richness by their sight,
And celebrate the transient
In pleasures sweet, howe’er so slight,
For there is time still left to you
Before the fell eternal night,
So use your senses actively

While sentience lends them its light,
Since beauty in its natal seat
Must pass unvalued in its flight
Where golden stems of summer wheat
Have thriven out of human sight.
Yes, beauty lies in knowing eyes,
And once they’ve closed, it surely dies.

About Steven M. Sloan

Prof. Steven M. Sloan is a scholar, teacher, and poet who has been widely anthologized, as well as widely published in poetry magazines, journals, and newspapers. He is a graduate of the University Of Wisconsin – Whitewater (where he was a member of the Editorial Board for its poetry publication: The Muse), and is also a graduate of the University Of Wisconsin – Madison. he has done many different jobs including college prof., factory worker, swimming instructor & lifeguard, as well as working in cancer research. He is the author of Multiple books or pamphlets of poetry & remains committed to the art. The editor of Columbia Publications has said of him that he is, “a talented poet” whose work, “touches upon many topics and emotions,” and that, “his imagery is characteristically spectacular, as well as thought evoking (Lana M. Wegeng, Editor).” Dana Minor, Editor of the poetry journal: Sublime Odyssey, has said that, “Sloan has a definite capacity for ringing phrases.” Ester Cameron, Editor of The Deronda Review, & The Neovictorian, has said that at their best his lyrics, “have almost a 17th century quality, like Lovelace, Herrick, or Suckling.” He currently lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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