My Cosmology



It’s time I sat down and faced the big questions:
Genesis of the universe, Origin of Life, and the Limits of the sky.
All this before breakfast!

Most folk have an answer: God.
It doesn’t really work for me.

I think what IS was brought about by accident.
The materials of the stars and planets are really unsolid,
They are composed of energy. That includes us.

One thing about energy is that is restless.
It moves, it goes in circles, and eccentric directions,
Bumping together, forming new combinations,
Like inanimate sex.

These new complexities are novel, surprising and unplanned,
One being what we call life.

Trying to understand the reaches of infinity with our puny brains,
Is like using a yellow sewing-box tape to measure a mile.
We do not have the comprehension to imagine the actuality,
Like two-dimensional entities trying to fathom three-dimensional beings.

Maybe all of time that has passed from the formation of our Earth, to today,
As you read this poem, is a nano-second, or less, in cosmic time.
And it’s probably just as unimportant to unthinking stardust,
Though we fuss and complain, and do mischief.

It’s hard for man to accept that he is not a noble experiment,
But an unexpected result of randomness.
Filled as we are with our own importance.

About Jay R. Strisik

Born in Brooklyn 83 years ago (but people say I look weeks younger). I am one of those lucky older Earthlings who retains most of my physical and mental abilities, at least for the rest of the month. I started writing in high school, stopped and started many times. I have completed about five or six book length novels and non-fiction. The last few years I have also written about seventy poems, and about thirty-five short stories. I self-publish for my friends who then become enemies. I credit my current burst of activity to the East Valley Writers Group, we meet Sunday nights at Borders in Mesa I have published a few short stories in obscure places.. My undergraduate life was at New York University, interrupted by WWII (the world is often rude). I spent four years in the Air Force then back to college at Ramapo, finally mastering in Social Work at Columbia University. I worked for over twenty years in the family business, a rope and twine distributor, then into social work. My degree is in industrial social work and I have lectured to several thousand folks on job finding techniques. My wife Georgia lets me live with her in Gilbert, AZ. We have two married children and three grands. We attend meetings of the humanists from time to time, but are not into organized anything. This is too long and keeping me from my computer.....bye.


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