We have our Gods

Joseph leaves his daughter behind
as the Israelis advance on his town.
She survives – an orphan because
Joseph never returns.

Dying on the pavement outside his home,
Mojique looks skyward. He gives praise
to that which has killed him.
God is great.

Surrounded, two of three soldiers escape.
Simon could have, but it might have led
to all three dying. He stayed to fight, his comrades escaped.

Dying in the dust outside a town
he had never heard of, Simon wonders why.
He looks into his killers’ eyes, sees nothing, thinks of Shelley.

Shelley, in Bradford, talks to Geeta about a holiday she and Simon won’t have. Geeta’s envy is in vain. Sarfraz doesn’t spend money.
He alone understands his god.

About Tom Conoboy

Tom Conoboy reads a lot and writes a lot. He has over a hundred stories published in various journals and ezines. He has several hundred more cluttering up his C drive and various back-up disks. He feels disconnected, but suspects that may be a good thing, all in all.

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