Do you really want to know?

Don’t ask how, or even why.

Don’t wonder about the
hidden machinery, how it
works, or
where the parts were purchased.

Don’t read the painter’s diary.

Don’t ask what brand of
guitar string the
virtuoso uses.

Don’t go through the tool box
memorizing brand names.

Don’t imagine the
well-dressed person

Don’t ask the
ballerina what she eats.

Don’t talk to the
high-diver as she
climbs the ladder.

Don’t look behind the curtain.

Don’t ask your lover about
past lovers.

Don’t ask the boxer to
describe the thought of the punch.

Don’t ask for the
floor plan of the poem.

Don’t ask how much the gift cost.

Don’t ask the magician to
give away secrets.

Don’t wonder what it
all means.

Don’t ruin it.


Do you really want to know? — 6 Comments

  1. Poem

    Poem puts sense into clear air.
    You can see texture, balance, judge
    color and weight, the fine veining
    and pedestal strength. It’s there
    to examine, because knowing the sense
    is the study of humankind. Poem stands
    alone, naked, marked down in chisel,
    contours true to the life. Put it in place;
    trace its cheekline, jiggle its chin.
    Don’t be shy. This is what Poem is for.

  2. Dave Morrison’s poetry is the exposure of an old soul living in a young heart. It is always an honor to read his work. It speaks to the old and the young. Keep up the amazing work, Dave.

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