Side Effects

Seems like more evidence
against any omnipotent
intelligent designer that
neither the electrochemical
interaction that permitted
the bacterial beginning

of life on Earth nor natural
selection that pruned it—
into eyes, hooves, feet,

and brains—gave any
thought to all the accidental
side effects that would occur—
like ecstatic joy, pain, love,
power, and depression—
and as a consequence, we
are left on our own to deal
with each of these radical,
new expressions on Earth
as best we can, drawing
pictures on cave walls,
painting frescoes, writing
stories, plays, and movie
scripts to understand them.


Side Effects — 2 Comments

  1. I love your poem but ignoring the ID argument totally, is not evolution still pruning out those of us that have a hard time with life? Those who successfully handle the stress live and prosper, while those that do not fall by the wayside? Evolution is a cruelly efficient pruning process without thought or conscience. But I love your poem!

  2. Mr. Lesher, I think extreme emotional states – joy and sorrow, serenity and rage – call all contribute to excellent art. So a cruelly efficient system could also see a reaction with great art.

    Don’t take the natural selection angle too far; people dealing poorly with stress could still contribute to the gene and meme pools successfully. Personal stress and your impact on the environment are not entirely linked.

    The tension in Europe in the years between the two world wars led to some of the most radical visual arts of all; Dada, Surrealism, Modernism, Cubism…

    And I agree with you. I love the poem. Love it love it love it. Thank you Mr. Brocki!

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