On February 21, 1205
In the noise of busy marketplace
Lost in the Middle East,
An astrologer-sage predicted
That in 800 years exactly
I would get myself drunk as a cobbler
And when a girl starts playing
With my belly button
I shall cry like a baby,

And get horrified that
At any moment
I will get unwrapped
And break apart in thousand pieces.

About Alex Galper

Alex Galper's illustrious life includes escaping to the West from being drafted to Russian army at the age of 19, studying poetry under Allan Ginsburg at Brooklyn College, working across USA as a computer consultant and finally performing his own poetry in Russian and English all over the world. His poetry is a combination of mysterious Russian soul, Jewish "laughter through tears" humor, and American admiration for open-forms and Beat counterculture protest. He has been published in over 50 Russian and English language magazines and is currently the subject of UK documentary "Brooklyn Siberia" to be released in the Fall, 08). Also, he is scheduled to read before Russian-American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan later this year. Currently, he splits his time between New York and Moscow.

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