I will give you your belief if you will
give me my doubt. I will own there’s a god if you will own
all the huddled humanity holding
itself up with no help from you or your
god is wholly heartbreaking. I’m willing to
pray if holy shit is a good prayer
if jesus christ is a good prayer
if oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah is
downright devotional. Dance with me

for the chance, for the chance is in time
with the world, and we are in the world
and of it. Of course we are of it, what
else should we be of? Praise dog!
Praise the little dog sniffing Earth’s
big crotch. For she is of the world and knows it.
For she would eat the world if she could fit it
in her teeth. And you would love the world if you could fit it
in your head. A little irreverence
goes a long way. A little
dog goes a long way with its tongue hanging out
and its tail pointing up, and its nose
rooting around in Earth’s lap
for the essential

About Paul Hostovsky

Paul Hostovsky's poems appear and disappear simultaneously (Voila). His work has recently been sighted in places where they paid him for his trouble with his own trouble doubled, and other people's troubles thrown in, which never seem to him as great as his troubles, though he tries not to compare. He has no life, and spends it with his poems, trying to perfect their perfect disappearances, which is the working title of his new collection, which is looking for a publisher and for itself. To read more of his poems, visit his website by clicking the link above.

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