Eloquent Atheist SubmissionsThe Eloquent Atheist is seeking original, previously unpublished works. These may be personal essays about atheism, humanism, agnosticism, and freethinking, as well as researched  history pertinent to these subjects. We are also looking for fiction, poetry, and “creative non-fiction” (a narrative about a real event, but using the tools of fiction).

This magazine hopes to provide an outlet to all nontheists who would like to publish creative, thoughtful, expressive writing (no rants), and writing that focuses on “reclaiming” the lives and works of nontheists, which have often been neglected in (or deliberately excised from) mainstream accounts of history. We would also have interest in thoughtful descriptions of your journeys away from religion. Editors prefer essays and narratives to 2,500 words; historical articles to 4,000 words; fiction up to 8,000 words; submissions of poetry, no more than 60 lines per poem, no more than four poems per batch. Longer work will also receive our attention, at least the beginning.

We prefer essays, nonfiction, and creative non-fiction on atheism, humanism, agnosticism, Church/State tensions, naturalism/science, the history of non-theism, and celebrations of Nature. We accept fiction and poetry, but are more discriminating in regard to those forms; they have to be great to be published. That said, submit at will.

You can either past your work into the large message form field or include it as a file attachment. The field will only accept .doc, .docx, and .txt files. Please write to us if you would like to submit another type of file.

Please also include a short personal bio with your submission so that we can include it on your authors page if your submission is published.

If photographs or other graphics are a part of your submission, please include a parenthetical note at the bottom of the submission and we will request them via email. Thanks!

See also: Ground Rules For The Eloquent Atheist.

Please know that we would love to pay you and cannot. This is a work of social responsibility for us, and we do it for free, too. Still, we feel just a little guilty every time we publish and do not reward your efforts. We wish it were different…

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