The Catechism

A Scrabble board of words
questions and answers
arranged by unknown players –
visions of God dreamt up
from pages of the Bible.

Trapped among these tiles
behind a barrier built by man,
words with high scored letters – x & y & z
incite a frenzy of angryeeze & fruxtration.
Not a temper tantrum, head beating type
but a piercing itchy rash.

When scratched it oozes puss –
regrets and dismay
for subjecting my children
to their structured teachings.
Time to lay the axe to the board
of this scrabbled game.

About Cherise Wyneken

Cherise Wyneken is a freelance writer, whose stories, poems, and articles have appeared in a variety of publications, two books of poetry, a memoir, “Round Trip: Reflections On My Life and Rebellion,” a novel, “Freddie,” a poetry chapbook,” Old Haunts,” PUDDING HOUSE PUBLICATIONS, and a new book, Stir-Fried Memories, at

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